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November 11, 2015 Sean Crowley

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At Dun & Bradstreet NetProspex we believe in the power of a strong customer success team. We want our customers to have the ultimate service and support they need to achieve their goals. As such, we’ve worked to create a repeatable and scalable onboarding process to instill best practices from the get-go, and an advocacy program (the Hero Hub) to celebrate and reward our customers when those best practices generate results for their business. We want to hear from them, engage with them, and learn from them, because their success fuels our inspiration and innovation.

But let’s be honest – we  fully realize that we aren’t curing cancer here. We also acknowledge that managing the data quality of a marketing database isn’t the most fun thing to do (and probably not your top reason for choosing a career in marketing), but it’s an essential part of the overall success of any marketing strategy. It is the foundation upon which all campaigns are built. Therefore, the individuals who manage this critical piece of the marketing puzzle are truly the unsung heroes of the industry.

We’re fortunate to have some amazing customers who are using Workbench Data Optimizer in ways that enable them to do some incredible things. And I know that I’m excited to be a part of B2B marketers taking control of their data and achieving the aggressive growth goals of their business.

So, we decided to compile their stories to create The Marketing Superhero Book. This book features the stories of marketers from Brooks Automation, Fluke Corporation, MediaMath and Proformative and explains how they were able to work with our team to:

  • Better segment their audiences to deliver more relevant, personalized experiences
  • Improve conversion rates across their nurturing programs (and drive better leads to sales)
  • Drive their brand message into new markets where opportunities exist, and
  • Reduce the risks associated with email marketing and improve their sender scores

The book also features some common “data villains” you’ll encounter when tackling the problem of poor data quality in your marketing database – and tips to defeat them. This is your guide to creating a solid data marketing strategy, a data management checklist – a guide to being a Marketing Superhero.

Check out The Marketing Superhero Book and see why I believe that success breeds success. And don’t forget: great marketing starts with great data.

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