Marketing Hero Spotlight: Chris Heggem

October 21, 2015 Julie Saldarriaga


My name is Chris Heggem and I am the Head of Content Marketing at Apcera, a trusted multi-cloud platform. Content marketing, to me, is about telling compelling stories that resonate with target audiences to drive business results. Good content can (and should) take many forms – video, whitepapers, blog posts, landing pages, ads and email campaigns to name a few.

My job is to determine what content we believe will be more effective at captivating our audience and creating strong demand for our solutions. The role is as strategic as it is tactical. From a high level I’m making sure our programs and campaigns are integrated and on message, but I’m also writing copy, designing presentations and editing video.

What target audience are you marketing into?
Our primary audience are larger enterprise IT organizations, but there are many components of the Apcera Platform that are appealing to developers and the startup community. Have two different audiences that react very differently to the same message is a challenge, but is also a lot of fun.

How did you get started in marketing?
I’ve been involved in startups since high school. My first role was to perform market research, and it was a struggle. I had strong opinions about the market and tried to validate them through data and interviews, but would get frustrated when reality didn’t support my perception. As smart as I thought I was, I had to learn at a young age to listen and be objective.

What’s the biggest marketing villain you’ve conquered this year and how did you do it?
One of the biggest villains for marketers is content that has the company or their product as the hero of the story. Many companies talk about who they are and what they offer, but very rarely articulate why the audience should care. The real hero of your content needs to be the customer. Customers see themselves in other customers. Give them the spotlight and take on the role of sidekick. You’ll get much better results as a dynamic duo.

If you could have any superpower what would it be?
As I mentioned earlier, listening and objectively interpreting data is one of the most powerful marketing skills. Too often we shape data to support our biases. I would love to always be on point when I reach out to my target audiences.

What is your biggest data villain?
Data, especially metrics, can be interpreted to mean a lot of different things and can throw your marketing programs off track if you have an inaccurate understanding. Methodical A/B testing does a lot of remove the riddles from your data.

What would your marketing superhero name be?
Oh man, that’s a tough one. I think I’m most effective when I’m the sidekick to a customer, so I guess I’d be called “Advocate.”

Chris Heggem | Head of Content Marketing | Apcera | @ChrisHeggem

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