You Love Data, But Your Team’s Not So Hot for It: Three Tips to Get Them on Board

June 25, 2015 Sean Crowley

Get On Board

All too often, gaining insights from marketing databases is a struggle for today’s marketers simply because the data is compromised. In fact, a recent survey from KPMG, titled “Going Beyond the Data: Achieving Actionable Insights with Data and Analytics,” revealed that 85% of respondents (144 CIOs and CFOs from major corporations) said their biggest challenge with analytics is in implementing the right solutions to accurately analyze and interpret data. That is, businesses need help not only with organizing (cleansing, enriching and segmenting) but also in gleaning more actionable insights.

Indeed, the inconsistencies found in your current database might seem frighteningly difficult to tackle. Namely, incomplete data compiled from lead capture forms, “aged-out” data from webinar sign-ups last year and irrelevant booth scans from people just looking for swag at events hinders your ability to identify relevant insights to more effectively target your real buyers. That is, no matter how dedicated you are to trudging through your data, if it isn’t maintained properly, you might as well be searching for a needle in a haystack.

As such, it’s time to make a compelling case for investing in marketing data management software to augment your data management strategy. Here are three advantages you and your colleagues will gain from using a marketing data management service:

  • Minimized manual data efforts: With data analysis being a top priority for today’s marketers, there are now advanced technologies to help with the maintenance and management of marketing databases. Best-in-class solutions can take care of the legwork by cleansing, enriching and targeting business databases. That is, technology can make your data more consistent, complete and easier to work with, all without manual effort.
  • Improved clarity and insight on your target buyers: Marketers can’t just make educated guesses about their consumers’ preferences; they need cold, hard facts to substantiate their intuitions. Extracting insight from your marketing database can give you the clarity you need. For instance, from your gleaned data, you can better know your potential buyers—from their job titles to their organizations (e.g., size, location and industry).
  • Content that delivers results: When you know exactly who your consumers are, you can create content that speaks directly to them in a personalized fashion. Modern consumers crave customized interactions with the brands they patronize. So, use your data insight to create blogs that target their top pain points, and social posts that are relevant to their industry concerns.

Data is not to be feared, but to be leveraged. So, start making the most of it by using technology to guide you—you’re going to love the outcome.

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